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20 Photos That Prove The Sweet Things Never Change As Time Goes By

As time goes by, things change and people change. But no matter how fast everything changes, the sweet and touching things will stay the same. For many of us, our pets and their unconditional love are the steady things that never change no matter what happens in our lives. Even when they’re all grown up now, but in our hearts, they are still little kittens and puppies who always keep us warm and make our lives better!

Here are 20 pet photos that show how the sweet things stay the same as life goes by. Scroll down to take a look! After all, the love of pets is unconditional and uncomplicated.

1. “She’s a 9-year-old chunk now and she gets jealous when she sees our smaller dogs on our laps, so I have succumbed to her wishes.”

2. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s just not the same anymore.”

3. “It’s been 4 years since we rescued her and her brother and she still holds onto us when she sleeps so we don’t leave her.”

4. A grown up dog on the outside, but still a puppy at heart.

5. “18 years old and she still tries to pull these shenanigans.”

6. “This is still his favorite spot after 7 years.”

7. “I took care of them from days old and now they’re 5 and still snuggle like this.”

8. “5 years later… Still my best co-pilot!”

9. “She’s 13 years old and still makes me hold her paw while driving.”

10. “When we bought our house, the previous owner told us she used to sometimes look after the neighbors’ cat. This little guy still shows up at least once a week.”



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