Wild Rabbit Spots Pet Bunny And Is Immediately Smitten By Her Beauty

It was an unusually warm spring day at home of YouTuber bill16504 a few years ago. He decided to open his sliding door to bring more sunlight into his house. His rabbit Pep loved this nice day, so she sat in her favorite spot in front of the door and enjoyed it.

As Pep was relaxing, she spotted a wild rabbit sitting on the patio. The curious wild rabbit also spotted Pep and immediately fell in love with her. He tried to reach Pep, but sadly, the glass window prevented him from coming in the house.

In the affectionate scene that follows, the two rabbits try to nuzzle one another through the glass window. After more than six minutes of their playful games, the wild rabbit eventually decided to leave the patio. Pep stared wistfully out the window, and the two then tried to nestle up to one another through the window again before the wild rabbit left.

“On this particular day, wild rabbits were chasing each other around the yard because it was mating season. Maybe it was her unusual black and white fur, or maybe it was her large, plump figure. Whatever it was, Pep caught the wild rabbit’s fancy and the amorous rabbit wanted in,” Pep’s owner said.

Watch the cute video below:

It’s a love story for the ages. What do you think about this cute and sweet video? Let us know your thoughts in comments below! Please share this cute bunny courtship with your family and friends!

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