20+ Photos Showing That Senior Pets Are The Best Companions

We love little puppies or kittens because they are cute and playful, but we always have a special place in our hearts for seniors. These 4-legged friends have lived with us since they were just tiny and naughty babies. Now they may be old and weak, but our love for them will always remain the same and even grow bigger.

We admire the bond between a person and their pet, especially when they grow up together. That’s the reason why we collected some pictures of senior pets to share with you. Scroll down to see! Although these animals are old, they keep making our days brighter.

1. “My 1-and-a-half-year-old son with my 14-year-old cat”

2. “This is my dog Goober, he’s 10 years old.”

3. “My 11-year-old dog is simply majestic.”

4. “My sleepy old lady, Mimi. She’s almost 11, and she falls asleep in the car from time to time.”

5. “This is my 17-year-old cat. He’s been with me since I was born.”

6. “This is Kensey, my 12-year-old girl. Her face used to be all brown. Still as bossy as ever!”

7. “He’s about to turn 13.”

8. “My 18-year-old cat, Stanley. He is the sweetest old man kitty ever.”

9. “My 15-year-old dog, who’s also blind”

10. “I went to the beach with my old dog. He’s 14 and has been with me for most of my life.”

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