Sweet Kitty Wakes Up His Human By Giving Lots of Kisses And Head Bonks

If you’ve owned a cat, you might think that cats are wily creatures who don’t care about your sleep schedule. Not even a little bit. They pounce on you in the morning, paw at your face, or start knocking things off your shelves. The most likely reason that your cats wake you up in the morning is food and attention.

They are excellent at training their people to do what they want, so you will quickly wake up and do everything they demand. However, the cat in the video below is different, he doesn’t want to disrupt his owner’s sleep, he just wants to wake up his human and gives him some kisses and cuddles.

The video uploaded by Twitch that shows a very sweet tuxedo kitty named Bino waking up his human in the morning with lots of kisses and head bonks. And his dad obviously couldn’t resist it as he keeps smiling while Bino the cat kisses him What better way to start a new day?

Watch the sweet video here!

Does your cat mess with your sleep? Feel free to share this cute video with your friends and let us know your thoughts in comments below!

If you love Bino the cat and want to see more his pics and videos, you can follow him on Instagram page.

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