Rescued Tripod Kitten Receives A Second Chance At Life

Meet Quinton, a 5-weeks-old ginger cat who was found wandering alone the streets of L.A with a missing back paw. Knowing that Quinton was in a bad shape and might not survive on his own with such a serious injury, a good person immediately took him to a nearby shelter for help.

Thankfully, the staff at Best Friends Animal Society rescued him and cared for him. However, when they looked at Quinton’s foot, they knew the tiny kitten would need extra care. For this reason, they brought him to the Los Angeles kitten nursery, where he was received the necessary medical care.

Sadly, in one giant operation, the vets had to remove his leg. This must have been one heck of a rough wake-up for the little guy. However, that couldn’t stop him from enjoying his happy life. He made a quick recovery and was back with his foster crew.

Quinton doesn’t seem to notice he’s any different. He runs around his house, eats like a champ, and frequently plays with his friends. He is extremely cute and cuddly, and has an amazing personality.

Watch the video here:

Ever since he was rescued, he can’t stop cuddling and purring, one of his carers says: “Quinton honestly was the sweetest kitten I ever met and I’ve met thousands. He was constantly purring and making biscuits. He was pure love.”

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