Mother Otter Carries Her Baby On Her Belly To Keep It Dry And Warm While Swimming

This adorable moment was captured by a 40-year-old nature photographer named Suzi Eszterhas. She took the picture in Monterey Bay, California, where she often observes the local wildlife and takes some photos of them. She has been photographing sea otters for over 20 years, so she knows sea otter behavior well.

‘Most sea otter mothers are quite shy with their babies, but this mother was very habituated to people and she was very relaxed as she lovingly raised her pup in a busy harbor.”

As you can see in the picture, the devoted mother otter found a great way to keep her newborn baby warm and dry. She lifted the baby out of the water and let it ride on her belly. She also blew warm air into the pup’s fur to gently groom it.

Eszterhas watched as the mother left her baby floating on the water while she hunted for small animals below the surface. ‘Sometimes, she swam right up to the dock and left her pup floating on the water’s surface right in front of me while she foraged for food.

Eszterhas was shocked when the two moved closer to where she was standing. However, she tried to stand quietly so as not to scare them. She used a long telephoto lens to photograph them without disturbing their activities.

‘She did this so many times; it made me feel like a babysitter. It was adorable and it also really showed how vulnerable and trusting wild animals can be,” Eszterhas said.

This loving mom otter came up with the cutest way of keeping her pup warm and dry. Scroll down to watch video!

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