20 Photos Proving That Animals Are True Parenting Heroes

As you know, maternity and parenting are not exclusively human concepts. Animals, just like us, have their own babies whom they need to care and protect. So it’s not surprising that the animal kingdom is flush with extraordinary parents. The bond between animal parents and their young babies is one of the strongest in nature.

In order to prove this, we have collected some adorable pictures that show animals are true parenting heroes. If you don’t believe, scroll down to check for yourself!

1. “My cat turned into a real warrior after she gave birth.”

2. Tired but not broken!

3. “I considered my cat a playful little kitten until she became a responsible mother.”

4. “Her only favorite thing was playing with a ball, but now she spends all her time watching them.”

5. “My cat used to be an introvert, but things have changed.”

6. “My dog can’t stop smiling since she became a mother.”

7. “My cat has only one kitten, so she hugs her all the time.”

8. “They are so proud to finally have a baby.”

9. “Now she’s so tender with the kittens, but she hated any touches before.”

10. “These 2 are so much alike.”

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