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Scared Stray Kitten Comes Out Of His Shell After Just A few Hours Of Care And Love

Reddit user Kelsey_Ann and her mother were going to the theater when they stumbled across a tiny orange tabby kitten. The ginger cutie was all alone in the alleyway behind the theater. When the little baby saw Kelsey and her mother, he hid in a corner, frozen in fear.

“It was a pretty pathetic sight when we found him. He was literally hugged as close as he could to a corner wall…My mom said she thinks he was trying to make himself as invisible as possible.”

Kelsey knew that she couldn’t leave the baby behind, so she turned a simple trip into a rescue mission. She and her mom checked for other kittens and decided to take the little orphan home. They named him Atlas and placed him into their car. During the ride, he hid inside Kelsey’s jacket, not moving or meowing.

When they arrived home, Kelsey placed Atlas in a kennel to ensure he was safe and secure in his new home, but she had to wake up because he cried. For this reason, she carried him back to bed with her, and Atlas fell asleep immediately.

By the next morning, Kelsey couldn’t believe in her eyes when she realized Atlas turned into a brand new cat. He began to come out of his shell, cuddling with his new owners and playing with the family dog. Atlas also adores his new Pomeranian sibling.

Kelsey took him to the vet to make sure he is safe and healthy. She also ordered pet insurance for his future. “Crazy what some love, food, and toys will do,” Kelsey says of the rescue.

Thanks Kelsey_Ann for giving this sweetie love and home that he deserves! If you love this touching rescue, please share this story with your friends and your family members!

Source: iHeartcats



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