Cat Loves Being Brushed With A Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cats and vacuum cleaners, there seems to be no grey zone: cats really hate them and consider them as monsters. It’s not surprising that most cats dislike vacuums. They’re loud and eat everything in their path. But that’s not the case with the adorable cat named Bobo in this post because he really loves vacuum cleaners.

Most cats will run away at the sound of a vacuum cleaner but Bobo the cat absolutely loves it. When Bobo was a little kitten (about 2-3 months old) he liked to play with the brush, but his two brothers were afraid, and they would hide under beds or chairs when their owner started to use the vacuum cleaner.

When Bobo was bigger, his owner used the same type of brush on his fur. He was surprised and a little scared at first, but after 2-3 “sessions” he started to like being groomed with the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Now it’s a ritual for him and he is crazy about it.

The loud sound, along with the movement of vacuum cleaners can be very frightening, so it’s rare to see a cat who can actually enjoy it. Click play below to see the relaxing video of Bobo being cleaned by a vacuum cleaner and enjoying it so much he doesn’t want his owner to stop!‌

Watch the video of Bobo here!

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