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Tiny Kitten Abandoned Under A Tree Gets Rescued And Becomes A Playful Cat

Nikki Martinez and her husband were going out when they saw a tiny kitten crying under tree branches. The black kitten was all alone and helpless, so the couple decided to rescue her. They took her home to take care of her and gave her a beautiful name, Ej.

Screenshot: Love for Kittens

Ej was so small but super cute. She refused the bottles, so the couple had to use a tube feeding to feed her. Despite being cared and loved, the little baby held steady. She didn’t lose weight nor gain. One week since rescued, she started to show signs of recovery. She could recognize Nikki’s voice.

Screenshot: Love for Kittens

Thankfully, she was doing better every day. She loved to cuddle and snuggle with her foster mom. She could eat new food, but still needed tube feeding. When she was 5 weeks, she felt well enough to play with a toy, and she loved it. She didn’t need tube feeding as she could eat by herself.

Screenshot: Love for Kittens

After 3 months, Ej was strong enough to find her forever home. Thankfully, she was adopted by a great family in November 2019. She now becomes a feisty and cute cat. She loves her new owner so much. She loves playing with her friends and loves discovering everything around her.

Screenshot: Love for Kittens

Watch the full rescue here:

Every animal needs love and respect. We are so glad Ej is healthy and happy now. She is adorable and she looks like a tortoiseshell calico. Thank you for saving her and giving the second chance at life. It’s so nice to see your hard work and commitment pay off!

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