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15 Photos Of Animals Who Know Exactly How Monday Feels

Most of us hate Mondays, and animals in the animal kingdom seem to be no exception. They even know exactly how Monday feels, and don’t shy to show it off. And in order to prove that, a Russian zoo in Chelyabinsk decided to share a set of photos in which animals got hit by Monday.

We at Paws Planet had a good laugh while looking at these funny and silly face, so we wanted to share them with you to improve your mood. So scroll down to see!

1. Monday always comes when we are least prepared for it.

2. “Lift my eyelids.”

3. And even one of the most dangerous predators can’t stand it.

4. Yeah, tell us about it, monkey.

5. “Just 5 minutes more, mom!”

6. “3 cups of coffee, please.”

7. This yak looks like the spirit animal of all Mondays.

8. You can see what I had for breakfast when I yawn on Mondays.

9. “Monday? Again?”

10. “I got that Mo-Mo-Mo, Mooonday sadness.”

11. “I wish I went to bed earlier yesterday.”

12. “Those dark circles say a lot about your weekend.”

13. “Me trying to look cool at work.”

14. When you’re begging Sunday to stay a bit longer:

15. A short guide on how to survive Monday: stick your tongue out and remember that Friday is right around the corner.

Do you hate Mondays? Is Monday becoming a horror story of your life? Tell us your answers in comments below! If your pets have Monday faces, please show us their photos!



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