Japanese Photographer Captures Charming Scene Of Two Adorable Kittens Playing On Cherry Blossom Tree

Meet Chikushi, a 36-year-old photographer, who resides in Tokyo, Japan. The photographer loves cherry blossom season because it brings a beautiful backdrop for pictures of her daughter – her favorite photo subject.

Recently, on a trip to southern Izu (known for early blooming cherry blossoms), Chikushi had a chance to take beautiful pictures of two kittens playing among the cherry trees.

After sharing these pics on Twitter, the post quickly has gone viral and gotten thousands of followers, retweets, and likes.

Chikushi also made it clear on her social media that the kittens are not actually strays living the cherry blossom trees, but are cared for by a local man in the region.

If you love Chikushi and her photos, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram to see more great photos.

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