Woman Shares Funny Cat Updates She Receives From Her Mom While She’s Away

When you are away from home, we are sure that you always worry about your pets. They are members of your family, so you feel guilty about leaving them behind. In order to ensure pets are safe, many pet owners set camera to check on their pets anywhere and anytime. This solution will help them keep an eye on their furry friends while they go out.

However, there are some lucky pet owners who can know that their pets are safe and happy without checking camera. This cat owner named Anlyin is lucky to have a mom who helps her take care of her cat when she is away. Every time Anlyin stays at her boyfriend’s house, her mom will send updates on her cat.

The daughter shares hilarious cat updates that her mom sends her whenever she’s away


Her cat starts its day pretending it’s a lump

Her mom has captured many hilarious updates, and this sighting is so rare

This lazy cat is making her mom proud

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