Cute Kitten Falls Asleep In Palm Of Owner’s Hand

Much like human babies, sleep plays a vital role in a kitten’s development. A newborn kitten will usually sleep for around 20 hours per day. When growing up, they will likely sleep a little less, but still for around 16-18 hours per day.

If your kitten falls asleep on you, it is usually a great sign of trust. It shows that he or she feels safe and comfortable when being by your side. And of course, you will never want to wake them up from their sweet dreams. However, you might need a little patience as these naps can sometimes be rather long!

Meet Marilyn, a tiny 2-week-old calico kitten who really loves and trusts her owners. She and her siblings were found with their mama without a safe shelter. Thankfully, they were rescued and taken to a safe place where they are loved and cared by their new owners.

At first, the family was so shy, but after realizing that they were safe, they started pouring outside. Their owners took a tremendous amount of patience, sensitivity, and care to turn them into cuddly and playful cats.

If you want to know how safe and warm the kittens are, just take a look at the video of Marilyn sleeping in her owner’s hand. This video is guaranteed to bring you some cuteness that will make your heart melt!

Watch the cute and sweet video here:

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