30+ Photos Proving That Pets Can Change Our Lives Radically

11. “Couldn’t find my girlfriend at our family dinner Sunday, checked mom’s room and found this…”

12. “Routine after work cuddles. This little one screams until you hold her and cuddle for a sufficient amount of time.”

13. “I can’t ever go to the bathroom in peace.”

14. “I had a not-so-good day at work. He hasn’t left my side since I got home.”

15. “I think she’s up to something.”

16. “If I ignore him for too long, he yells at me in the mirror.”

17. “We came home to a severed backpack strap, destroyed Bluetooth earbuds, a chewed through harness, and laces missing from our shoes.”

18. “Penelope likes to make sure every (EVERY) trip to the toilet is safe for me.”

19. “I woke up and rolled over a little bit, and heard a ’bwurr?’…”

20. “I call it the ’I’m so happy you woke up today!’ dance. He does it every day when I wake up.”

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