Unbelievable Home Return Of Pit Bull After 8 Years Stolen In The Invasion

It was in 2012 when there was a terrible home invasion. This event forced a family to leave their pets away. It was a Pit Bull with a great name: Junior. At that time, He was young. However, his bond with the family is meaningful. Julia Nemeth has tried in several ways with the hope of finding out their beloved dog. Nevertheless, this effort still seemed out of luck and came to nothing. They got no information about Junior.

As time flies, it has been eight years without Junior. It is obvious that there was time Nemeth feared the worst, but she still desperately tried to search for Junior. Every day, she hopes that Junior will soon come back. Fortunately, things go as she wishes, her positive thinking finally paid off.

Looking For A Miracle

Nemeth Lives in Ohio and is a mother of four kids. She has brought up Junior since he was just a small puppy. There was a strong relationship between her and the dog. She spent quite an os huge amount of time training Junior to use hand signals. This is because Junior often wakes the kids up while they are still sleeping. He learned so quickly that Nemeth felt great pride in her.

There is no time that Nemeth stops looking for Junior. Even after the invasion, she still kept checking the shelter and rescue pages. The lost-and-found animal group was the website that she visited the most frequently. Sadly, there is no single information about little Junior.

One day, in 2018, The Humane Society of Summit Country adopted Junior and called him Buddy. They treated him to tapeworms after arriving. Yet, he seemed to be more healthy than expected.

Once the health condition of Buddy recovered, He was ready to be in the adoption state. During his stay, he was adopted up to three times. However, he could not be fit in that environment. The shelter may not know about his previous family who is looking for him.

Junior’s Return

As three different people have adopted Junior, as mentioned above, His photo is more popular on the Internet. Each old owner often posted some sweet photos of Junior on their social media account. Thanks to that, after years of searching for information about Junior, Nemeth suddenly notices his photo.

Right afterward, she contacts the shelter center and gives them all the explanations carefully about her situation. At first, she had to persuade the center about her relationship with Junior.

She reported everything and told them as much as she could to confirm her ownership with Junior.

Nemeth even shows all the pictures she had when she lived with him. Also, she talked about her hard time finding the dog. It was an unbelievable time with many feelings. She lost hope, got freaked down but then kept trying to find Junior.

Finally, Nemeth and her family came to the reunion after quite a long time. Junior could return to the house which is his actual home.

At first, Junior felt a bit hesitant. It is a normal feeling because he hadn’t lived here for quite a long time. He needs time to recall everything back.

Soon after, the caring and loving behaviors of Nemeth make him quickly remember his family.

He even recalls the memory about the hand signals that Nemeth used to teach him when he was a puppy. When Junior feels accustomed to this life, he is so happy and comfortable with it. This is his actual family forever.

In a word, the magical return of the Pitbull above proves that dogs are also like members of our family. They also have feelings, and especially, they love their owners. Share this great story with your friends because dogs, in general, deserve more love from humans.

Image Credit: @summithumane/Facebook

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