20 Peaceful Sleeping Animals That Fill Us With Positive Vibes

11. “Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years.”

12. Some people like feather pillows… this cuts out the middleman.

13. Always sleep with a smile on your face… you never know when someone will take your picture.

14. We like funny sleep photos too.

15. Even a cat and a rat both know that sleep is more important than any silly rivalry.

16. There’s no better mommy-baby bonding than a good nap.

17. He couldn’t decide on a slumber party or a pizza party.

18. Bunnies… they can find dreamland in the palm of your hand.

19. What do you think sheep count to fall asleep?

20. Always go to bed with a smile.

If you have pics of sleeping animals, please share them with us in the comments!

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