20+ Photos Showing That Senior Pets Are The Best Companions

11. A cat that lived 21 years

12. “This is my 9-year-old dog.”

13. He’s 13, but his puppy face hasn’t changed at all.

14. Young age vs Old age (13 years old)

15. “This is my 16-year-old buddy, Max. He is chill and loves constant company.”

16. “2-year-old Mary Swanson with my 15-year-old cat, Yummy”

17. “When life gives you lemons… My 17-year-old cat found some comfort with his post-surgery cushion. I suspect he enjoys having it.”

18. This cutie is 15 years old, but has the eyes of a baby.

19. “This is Gunner’s 2019 Halloween costume. He’s 12 in this picture, now he’s 13.”

20. “This is Lulu, my 19-year-old cat.”

21. He’s 16 years old, but he needs his mom’s affection as if he were a small puppy.

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