10+ Animal Photos That Can Relieve Stress And Anxiety

As you know, animals play a significant role in human lives. Many scientific studies also indicate that people who share their lives with companion animals gain some unique benefits. They can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and even improve our mental and physical health. That’s the reason why they can provide meaningful social support for us and often help with therapy, rehab, etc.

In this article, we collected some pics that show you the benefits of animals to humans. We are sure that these lovely animals will make you feel better and happier. If you don’t believe, scroll down to check for yourself! Let’s smile and drive all that stress away!

1. Sweet dreams for sweet babies

Sleeping Baby Donkeys

2. “I can smell the breeze.”

“Feeling the fresh air, this flame tip Siamese was found in my dairy barn this spring.”

3. Rescued fluffy says, “Thank you!”

This adorable baby fox was rescued from a storm drain.

4. Rain changes everyone.

5. “This photoshoot is for me.”

“My parents just got married!!!!”

6. 2-headed kitten

Jerry: “my tongue out is groovy! try to beat me …”

7. These eyes will steal your heart forever.

She can melt your heart with those eyes.

8. “Hey! Wanna play?”

Pose pretty!!

9. The best position to sleep

“My GF is dog sitting a friend’s dog. This is how he naps apparently!”

10. Even geckos can smile.

“Meet Dobby, my family’s crested gecko, in his favorite hangout spot.”

11. “Wow, these crepes are the real jam.”

12. “My neighbor’s dog, peeking through the fence to say hello”

“My neighbour’s dog peaking through the fence to say hello.”

13. “I have long-long paws”

14. “Wudan loves her big brother so much, that she still thinks she is small enough to sleep on his back.”

“Wudan loves her big brother. So much that she still thinks she is small enough to sleep on his back.”

15. Yoga time

16. “Can I have some more almonds, please?”

“This is Judy. She (he?) comes to my kitchen window every day to get some almonds. I love her (him?) so much. That little smile makes me melt.”

How do you feel now? Let us know your thoughts in comments below. If you have photos of animals, please share with us to make our days brighter.

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