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Sweet Dog Takes Care Of Rescue Kittens Until They Find Forever Homes

People think that cats and dogs hate each other and can’t get along. But in some cases, they can become best friends and form strong bonds that can make us green with envy.

Meet Raylan the sweet dog who has recently become an internet sensation after his owner shared a video of him taking care of tiny kittens. The video quickly went viral because of their sweet and cute relationship between Raylan and the kittens.

“I don’t know how he hasn’t gone viral before! We’ve been doing this for years and he’s so amazing” the owner said.

According to Raylan’s owner, he fosters kittens who lost their moms or were abandoned by their owners. He takes care of them until they find a forever home. Obviously, he is a sweet and affectionate dog.

“Raylan’s a very smart dog who is eager to please and up for any adventure. I found out he liked cats when we brought our first foster kitten (Watson) home 6 years ago when Raylan was already 3 years old. He immediately just wanted to play with him and was so gentle and patient. Watson’s now our neighbour and they hang out frequently,” the owner told Bored Panda.

In his 9 years of life, Raylan has taken care of over 60 kittens in his 9 years of life. Until now, he has more than 20.000 followers on his Instagram page where people can update his daily life and his baby kittens.

“Raylan was adopted from a high-kill shelter where he was going to be euthanized. Nobody wanted him because he was too high energy and untrained – but clearly no one had tried to train him,” Raylan’s owners revealed how they got him.

“He’s usually ready for a rest when the kittens leave and never seems sad afterwards, but after a few weeks of alone time he starts to get sad if I don’t get new kittens – and when new kittens come he’s always so happy and excited. New kitten day is his favourite day!”

There are so many animals in need in the world, but luckily, there are dogs like Raylan and people like Raylan’s owner. These people will help them and find the lost animals a good home.

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