20+ Derpy Cats Who Are Weirdly Photogenic

We all know that Instagram is a huge stage for both humans and animals to show off their inner supermodel, but being in-style doesn’t mean you have to look fancy or chic all the time. In fact, being goofy and derpy is also a great way to embellish your photos, making them more lively and adorable. And do you know which creature could be dubbed the king of being derpy and acting weird? Yes, it’s undoubtedly cats.

derpycatsofficial is an Instagram page that shares hilarious pictures of “the silliest cats on the interwebs”, and it’s guaranteed to make you burst out laughing even if you are not a cat lover. Before visiting the page for more humorous moments of these felines derping out, take a look at some remarkable pics we have collected for you right here below:

#1. “Oh yes, just under the arm! That’s purrfect.”

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#2. “Hey there boo, whatchu doin’?”

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#3. “I am the ultimate hair tie hunter!”

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#4. “Don’t tell anyone, I’m in disguise.”

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#5. Surprise bird!

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#6. Pullin’ funny faces.

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#7. “Umm, rude.”

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#8. The OMG face.

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#9. Sun’s out, tongue’s out.

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#10. “Caught me derping.”

Image source: iamlilbub

#11. “Still haven’t had my coffee.”

Image source: realgrumpycat

#12. Derpy sitting.

Image source: nemamiya12

#13. Vampire kitty.

Image source: yantar_thecat

#14. Ears back, tongue out.

Image source: derpycatsofficial

#15. When it’s time to get out of bed and your schedule says yes, but your body says no.

Image source: nemamiya12

#16. “How about NO?”

Image source: winstonsmushface

#17. “Tried of derping. Lights out!”

Image source: chimagomo

#18. Time to become a purrito.

Image source: waffles_the_cat

#19. A face full of derp!

Image source: cats_of_instagram

#20. Helmet cat says YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

Image source: onsom_9reum

#21. Duel derp.

Image source: derpycatsofficial

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