20 Photos Proving That Pets Can Display Jealous Behaviors

Anyone who owns a pet would likely be quick to claim that pets experience jealousy. Many experts have also proven that pets can get jealous when their owners give too much attention and display affection to their rivals. Although most of them are indifferent to their humans, as soon as the attention is divided, they get jealous. They get upset because they can’t bear not to be the centre of attention. They even display jealous behaviors, like destroying everything, biting, or hissing at an object, person, or other animals.

Here are 20 photos that show you how pets reacted when their owners showered their attention on humans and other animals. We are sure these photos will convince you that pets can get jealous of their owners! Scroll down to check for yourself!

1. “She is jealous of me when I pet her brother.”

2. “My wife’s dog is jealously guarding her while she sleeps.”

3. “He gets jealous when I take our new dog for a walk.”

4. “Leave my mommy alone.”

5. Jealous of missing out on all the attention the rescued cat now receives

6. Jealously watching the cat get more of his owner’s free time

7. They are not ok with me taking only the dog for a walk.

8. Even taking a picture can bring up jealousy.

9. His jealousy is reaching its highest levels, he won’t let his owner close the bathroom door.

10. Just a bit jealous of his new tiny owner.

11. Hugging only his brother is not a good idea.

12. Jealously telling his owner that he wants a bath too.

13. He gets like this when his owner gives his attention to the cat.

14. Jealous of his little owner’s special seat

15. “I am not very into my new little owner.”

16. My dog showing my girlfriend that I am his…

17. His mom is not giving him snuggles… and he is not so happy about it.

18. “Jealously guarding his horde of yarn.”

19. The 4 stages of jealousy

20. Missing out on the kisses

Do you have a pet that gets jealous of you? If yes, please share them with us in the comments below to make our day better!

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