10+ Lovable Pets Who Can’t Live Without Their Beloved Toys

Humans are not the only creatures who form deep bonds with inanimate objects. Just like us, some pets have their own toys and even get really attached to them. Some of them love their favourite toys so much that they spend a lot of time with them, play with them, and protect them from other people. Some scientific studies have also shown that pets form an emotional bond with their beloved toys in the same way children get comfort from teddy bears.

Seeing cute furry friends with their beloved toys can melt everyone’s hearts. That’s the reason why we collected some photos of pets who form life-long bonds with their toys to share with you. Scroll down to see! We believe that the love and care our pets showed for their favorite toys will warm your heart and make your day brighter.

1. “How the cat I found reacted to the very first toy she had in her life”

2. “Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years!”

3. “My little puppy adores his frog.”

4. “For some reason, my dog chose a brick as her toy.”

5. This corgi loves his duct tape leftovers.

6. “Scribbles looking concerned as her favorite toy gets repaired”

7. “Maddie waiting patiently for her favorite toy to be fixed”

8. “Repaired his favorite toy and now he’s not only unsatisfied with it, but he’s also extremely upset. Sorry, Bruce!”

9. “My cat ripped open his favorite toy. This is my grandma sewing it back together.”

10. When your friend gets repaired:

11. Poor toys

12. “Seamus hates to leave Fingo behind.”

13. “So does Murphy!”

14. “I won’t give it to anyone!”

15. This is what doggy happiness looks like.

16. “My grandma’s dog and her toys — she has never torn one apart and my grandma washes them for her!”

17. “We were packing for a trip so Cecil brought his elephant and dropped it in.”

If your pets have their favorite toys, please share their photos with us in the comment section below!

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