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20+ Photos That Show How Crazy And Silly Dogs Can Be

11. “Every day. Every night. Every nap.”

12. “I don’t even know how long she laid like this.”

13. “Heard him barking, found him stuck in the bird bath.”

14. “My rat terrier loves rats. She treats them like cherished pets and will let me know when they need food or water.”

15. “When I come home he sits like this until I pet him”

16. “Your new trash can may gently lick your fingers when you deposit leftovers. This behavior is normal.”

17. “Rocky is willing to wear almost anything for treats.”

18. “Vet says he’s A-Okay. Just a weirdo who likes splooting too much.”

19. “There used to be a bed in there.”

20. “Ha! Another Weasley! I know just where to put you! GRIFFINDOG!!!”

21.This doggo is extra cute, so we couldn’t include him in this compilation!

Do your dogs do crazy and weird things? Tell us about them by posting some pictures in the comments below!



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