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20 Fluffy Friends Who Love Their Humans More Than Anything

You might not believe, but science can explain the chemistry behind your love for pets and their love for you. According to a neurochemical research, when people are in love with animals, oxytocin or “the love hormone” can be released. This hormone can make us feel calm and happy.

We adore the great bond between animals and humans, so in this article, we would like to show you some photos of pets and their owners. These pics will prove that animals’ love for people can be infinite. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. “Tried to get a guard dog, but now I only speak to her in baby talk.”

2. “This is my blind stepdad’s guide dog, Axel. This was him on the train hugging my stepdad’s foot.”

3. “This was his reaction 10 minutes after I adopted him.”

4. “Meet my best bud, Indy!”

5. Those eyes!!!

6. “Love my human!”

7. “This is my grandmother.”

8. So warm and comfortable!

9. “My dad’s good boy asking for more loving”

10. The best spot to take a nap!

11. “I love sleeping with my mom.”

12. “Do you love me?”

13. “This baby is my best friend!”

14. “I love to be cuddled and snuggled.”


16. “My mom shoulder is the best spot to take a nap!”

17. “She sleeps sweetly and feels the beat of my heart.”

18. “I think my cat is in love with me.”

19. “Just rescued my baby girl from being put down a month ago! Most loving dog I’ve ever known.”

20. “I love you so much, human.”

Which of these photos made you happy? Please share these sweet and warm photos with your friends and family members!



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