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Little Squirrel Loves Cat And Follows Him Everywhere He Goes

Meet Tommy, a tiny red squirrel who has a big brother, a cat named Jack. They weren’t born of the same mother, but they are brothers now and no one can break their great bond.

Tommy the squirrel was rescued by a good man when he was just a tiny baby. At first, the little baby was very scared and timid, but then he started to feel comfortable and warm. He has trouble getting around, but he is still fast and playful.

Jack is also a rescued cat who was found wandering on streets. Despite being a stray, he is very gentle and sweet. When Jack met Tommy for the first time, he loved his little brother immediately. Tommy loves Jack so much, so he always follows the cat whenever he goes and does whatever he does.

The two animals love to play wrestle, but they never hurt each other because they are best animal friends. They also love playing hide-and-seek together outside.

Watch the video below to see their sweet friendship:

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