Woman Decorates Her Daughter’s Sandwich Bags With Cat Drawings

Today, we would like to tell you a story of a woman who went from doodling on her daughter’s sandwich bags to having worked in a gallery. Besides, she helps feline rescue/TNR efforts for cats in her community. Her name is Erika, but for her art, she goes by The Sandwich Cats.

She painted poor cats at a local rescue group called Adopt a Cat Foundation in the hopes of helping them find homes. She set aside a portion of proceeds from her art sales for donations to Adopt a Cat Foundation and Carmen from Animal Friends Project.

More info: Bored Panda

You can find her artworks on Instagram or

Gollum, a lil munchkin girl

Philo, a rescue floof

Daiquiri from California

Samy, a Siamese from Germany

Gabanna, a rescue from Florida

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