Photographer Captures The Whole Step-By-Step Process Of A Cat Hunting Pigeons

Meet Sergej Boldenkov, a photographer who lives in Perm, Russia. He has been working in the field of photography since 2014. He has a huge passion for capturing real and raw human emotion. He also loves to take photos of unusual architecture, landscapes, and even planes. However, this time, his focus is on an adorable Persian cat named Barsik whose owner is Sergej’s niece.

The talented photographer managed to capture the whole step-by-step process Barsik chasing pigeons. Through these photos, he would like to show us a glimpse of the cat’s everyday life.

Here are some photos that show how the giant orange floof approached several pigeons, waiting for the exact moment to startle them. Scroll down to see for yourself!

Meet Barsik, the fluffy and adorable 3-year-old Persian cat who lives with Boldenkov’s niece.

He loves chasing pigeons and often puts on his performance outside the house.

Recently, the ginger cat was caught red-handed directly “at the scene of the crime.”

The attempt at hunting the poor birds was fast and calculated, but it seemed that his plan didn’t work out quite as expected.

What a cute and playful cat! If you love these pics, please share them with your friends and family members!

For people who love Boldenkov and his work, you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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