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Cat Loves His Dog Neighbor So Much He Visits Him Every Day

Meet Mo, a ginger cat who is obsessed with his next door neighbor, a dog named Cricket. They are best friends and are crazy about each other. They have the best dog-cat connection. If Mo hears Cricket come outside, he runs to be with her.

When Mo met Cricket for the first time, he was super curious about his neighbor, who looks like a mop. But one day, he decided to greet her and wanted to be friends with her. Cricket was so excited to meet Mo, too. They have been friends ever since.

Mo often visits Cricket every day to play with her. If they feel lazy, they will just hang out inside! No matter what happens, the two animals take every chance to be together. They love each other with their whole furry hearts.

Watch the video below to see how wonderful their friendship is:

Special thanks to Cricket, Mo, Corrina and Dorree. If you love the two animals, you can follow them on to update their newest pics and videos.

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