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Bobcat Frozen To Train Tracks Gets Rescued Just In Time

A bobcat was enjoying his breakfast outside of Trail in B.C.’s West Kootenay region, when his hind paws were frozen to the train track due to below-zero temperatures. Thankfully, an inspector for the railroad named Coby Reid spotted the wild cat and saved him before the train sped by.

Reid was inspecting the trail on Thursday morning when he saw the wild cat nearly blending in with his surroundings. He wrote on Facebook that the bobcat “was enjoying his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail.”

Reid and his co-workers attempted to save the bobcat from dangerous situation, but the wild creature didn’t like that. Despite being unable to move from the tracks, but he looked relaxed. He sat in the center of the tracks, seemingly unconcerned that he was in danger.

“The cat was reposed on his haunches with one arm leaned casually over the rail, as though he were reclining in an armchair,” Reid told The Dodo.

With the train fast approaching behind them, everyone knew they had to save the cat quickly. They tried to warm the cat with their coats and used warm water to free him. Finally, they were able to unstick the bobcat from the rail just in time. It took them an hour to carefully save the bobcat.

Reid told CBC Radio West’s host Sarah Penton that the bobcat wasn’t the “cute cat you see in the pictures…He was hissing at us, lunging at us. He didn’t seem too happy about wearing clothes.”

It was very fortunate for the bobcat that the men spotted him and rescued him. Although the bobcat didn’t seem too grateful for the rescue, Reid was happy that he saved the little guy’s life.

“The bobcat ensured that we completed our inspections only 30 minutes shy of the next train’s passing,” Reid said. “The very train that would have ended our small friend’s life had we not been conducting an inspection that morning.”

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