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Feral Kittens Transform Into Sweet Kitties After Being Rescued And Socialized

Rescuing feral cats is always challenging as they are not open and friendly towards humans. But if you are confident that you can give them a better life with plenty of love and care, just try to help a few young feral kittens. The younger they are, the better they could adapt to a new life inside your house.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

If you are still confused about how to rescue and socialize a feral kitty, this amazing rescuer from the Flatbush Cats will help you out. Will Zweigart and his coworkers have been helping the streets cats in Brooklyn, New York for years with their TNR projects and they also rescue some lucky cats in need. This guy has impressive problem-solving skills and can help you deal with tons of troubles that come from your cats or some cats you come across in surprisingly simple ways.

Twitter, Will Z

In this short tutorial, Will cleverly shows us how to handle such a fierce mama cat if you want to socialize her babies. Of course, you totally can rescue the kittens alone and leave their mom behind, but it’s definitely not what you want. You will want the kittens to be able to grow up under the love and care of their biological mother until they are independent enough, and it’s no secret that no one can do the job better than the mama herself.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

These three little kittens are a few of the not-so-many cats that the Flatbush Cats’ volunteers rescue from the streets. The rescue is pretty easy, but what happens afterward is way tougher. As newborn babies, they all need their mommy by their side and their mommy happens to be a really aggressive cat as most feral cats out there so Will has to be truly careful and alert around them.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

Taking care of a feral cat and her offsprings, you will need to give the cat family their personal living space, you will need to give them enough privacy, but you will also need to show up once in a while so the kittens could be able to get to know you and get used to your appearance.

Of course, once the kittens are ready for a new life, it’s time to say goodbye to mama. She would be much happier to come back to her old environment.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

Let’s take a look at the life-changing period of these lovely kittens:

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