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Two Gentle Big Dogs Take Care Of Tiny Rescue Kitten

People often say cats and dogs are mortal enemies but the truth may say otherwise. The relationship between a dog and a cat is mostly decided by their personalities and the way they act towards one another. In fact, dogs and cats can totally live together peacefully under the same roof. They can be not only best friends, but also each other’s guardian angels.

Mr. Meeps the rescue kitten is a lucky cat who has not only one, but two guardian angels by her side – a husky named Chaska and a pitbull named Bailey, who both loved him so much. It’s safe to say he has two protectors for life!

Screenshot, Chaska the Husky

To their daddy Will’s surprise, Chaska and Bailey really take good care of their new little buddy. They hang out with the black cat all the time, they always keep an eye on him whenever he starts walking around to make sure nothing bad will happen and the baby is still alright.

Screenshot, Chaska the Husky

The little Meeps is not afraid of the big guys either, he follows them everywhere! Maybe he really thinks of himself as a tiny dog and a part of the gang. This smol kitty is surely a confident and fearless one, he is going places!

Screenshot, Chaska the Husky

Chaska the husky is really loving and protective towards his new younger brother. Looking at the way Meeps and Chaska cuddle, it’s hard to believe these furry critters belong to different species! That charming doggo is truly kind, gentle and sweet when it comes to watching over the cat, such a cute boy!

Screenshot, Chaska the Husky

Let’s take a peek at the trio’s incredible bond:

Even though Chaska is the first one to take baby Meeps under his wing, Baily is the more patient one with the little cat. As Chaska kind of gets bored (okay, let’s not forget the fact he is a husky after all, getting bored of things simply runs in their blood), the endearing pitbull continues to look after the kitten. Both Chaska and Bailey are amazing, they are such a nice caring pair!

Screenshot, Chaska the husky

Here is another lovely video of Baily and Meeps, enjoy:

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