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Gentle Dog Helps Taking Care Of Hundreds Of Foster Kittens, Giving Them Love And Affection

More than 100 kittens have been taken care of by Maddie Fang.  She posts her experience on @fangfosters, and you can also see cute kitten photos here. She helps much in raising the bottle feeders, helping them get prepared for adoption. Although nurturing kittens requires a considerable amount of work, Maddie can manage with a bit of help from a friend. Her dog Leo plays a vital role in protecting, cleaning, and loving the kittens.
We were provided some details about the lovely pub and co-caretaker Leo by Maddie. Almost nine years ago, when he was just a little puppy, he was a rescue dog, and they adopted him from Westside German Shepherd Rescue. Leo was a born lover and always reacted in a very calm manner. Maddie was confident that he would be just fine with foster kittens around because of his lenient nature.

When the first foster home was brought, Maddie expected Leo to be kind to the kitten. Then she was pleasantly surprised that Leo was very excited and a natural caretaker. When he first met a kitten, it was instant love. He now lives with over 100 kittens, and he loves them all. He has an inborn comprehension of playing a role as a protective big brother. He also likes cleaning the kittens and showing them love by licking them.

Three years ago, Maddie became a foster of the Ventura County Animal Shelter. Her first case was a kitten who needed to gain weight first to have neuter surgery. Living in a shelter can make the animals feel stressed, making it hard for them to stay healthy. Staying in a foster home can significantly affect allowing them to relax, become healthy, and be ready for a forever family.

Maddie discovered the experience to be amazingly fulfilling, so she made all the difference for it! More and more kittens are being fostered. Finally, she took care of a pregnant cat, who gave birth under the bed despite Maddie providing a fine nesting box.

Watching the mother cat take care of the newborn kittens was an enlightening and emotional experience for Maddie.

It encouraged her to take on additional difficult fosters. She fostered three baby kittens whose umbilical cords are still attached. They need continuous caring with bottle feedings every two hours. This makes Maddie’s eyes dimmed and watery, but wait! She loves watching bottle feeders mature and grow, and she discovers them to be very cherishing and appreciative.

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