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Blind and Sick Kitten Cried For Help Until Rescuers Saved Her

When you live in a country with too many stray animals wandering on the streets daily, it’s hard to pay attention. But if you spend some time caring, what you could be rewarded is definitely so much more than what you give.

Stoyan and Dessy are a wonderful couple who devotes most of their time to help pitiful stray cats in Bulgaria and they always have a soft spot for sick little kittens like this baby tabby. The pair came across Pisscun when they were out feeding a cat colony in that area, and they just couldn’t ignore her desperate meows.

Screenshot, PawMeow

Pisscun was in really bad shape back then. She was truly skinny, both of her eyes were totally shut and her belly was badly swollen due to internal parasites. And above all, she was crying nonstop, but unfortunately nobody cared.

Screenshot, PawMeow

The kind-hearted couple immediately rescued her even though their place was a bit overcrowded. While they waited for the vet clinic to open, Dessy calmed the little nervous girl down. Luckily, Pisscun’s blindness was just temporary and completely treatable.

Screenshot, PawMeow

After they brought the little tabby home, they were both glad to learn that Pisscun turned out to be one of the most loving kittens they had ever met in their entire life. She was super cute and cuddly, and she loved Dessy more than anything in this world!

Screenshot, PawMeow

Watch the touching rescue here:

As Pisscun grew a bit stronger, they decided to bathe her to remove external parasites from her fur. They fed her, took care of her for the next few days and of course, once the sweet girl fully recovered, she turned back to her playful cheerful self and the couple couldn’t be any happier about it. These endearing rescue kitties are always an endless source of joy for them.

Here is the lovely video that will make you go “awww”:

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