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Photographer Uses Her Talent To Help Dapper Cats Find Love

Meet Lindsi Jones, a cat lover and a professional wedding photographer who found a way to use her talents for the good of her beloved cats.

6 years ago, Lindsi began making special bow ties for cats and headed to her favorite shelter Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, Georgia. As a photographer, she created an amazing series of 101 portraits featuring cats of the shelter. These images required multiple shoots and took almost a year to complete.

These portraits have been featured in magazines and newspapers. They also shared all over the world through the 101 Cats in Bow Ties Instagram account. Most of the cats in the “Cats in Bow Ties” series found their forever homes.

Lindsi is currently planning more events with more shelters and sanctuaries to create more portraits with the goal to help spread awareness of adopting and helping cats find their home. She wants to travel the world helping people connect with kitties and increase adoption rates. She would like to encourage people to use their talent to help animals in need.

“I encourage anyone interested in photography and helping animals to combine those interests and head to your local shelter to volunteer. Whether you are a seasoned professional photographer or a newbie just starting out and looking to gain skills, photographing animals in a shelter is a challenging and rewarding practice that will make you a better photographer and will help an animal find a potential home,” Lindsi shared.

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Cats in Bow Ties

Miss Grinch

Lady Grey

Hellen Keller









Mama Cat




Photographing shelter cats at Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary



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