Three Abandoned Pups Rescued At A Farm Are Waiting For A Loving Home

Puppies are so sweet and innocent creatures. They also are human best friends, deserving to be cared for and loved. But from time to time, we still wonder how someone can have the heart to just leave these vulnerable animals out of doors, regardless of the risks they may have to deal with.

Dog Rescue Shelter (a non-profit and non-governmental rescue organization registered in Serbia) got a call about three puppies abandoned at a farm. That was not a safe place for them since they might get hurt by the farmer’s tractors. Milan and his team headed out right away to rescue the dogs.

Screenshot, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

When they arrived at the scene, two little puppies wagging their tails as if they were welcoming them. People told them that there were totally three pups, so Milan started to find the last one. He found the dog behind a cardboard box, the evidence that someone just put three poor puppies in the box and left them here. Thankfully, they all looked active and healthy.

Screenshot, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

It seemed like the dogs loved the rescuer the first moment they saw him. They followed him immediately. The pups were taken to the shelter where they could receive all the things they needed; food, veterinary care, and a secure place to stay. A new future was waiting for them ahead.

Screenshot, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

Once the dogs were transferred to the new place, they were a bit scared that they just nervously gathered together. Milan gently picked them up one by one and gave each of them a kiss. Magically, the dogs were no longer too frightened and started to eat. They were so calm and trusting because they felt the love and knew they actually were in safe hands.

Screenshot, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

One month later, the three pups grew so fast. They named them Chilly, Willy, and Billy. All of them were so beautiful and ready for adoption. If you would like to adopt them, please contact

Screenshot, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

Chilly, Willy, and Billy are sweet dogs, they deserve a loving home.

You can watch the video below:

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