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Stray Cat With Injured Leg Turned To Other Cats’ Owner For Help

Life on the streets is an endless fight and of course living on the streets is way tougher than living in a safe house with a caring owner, but sadly not many dogs and cats are lucky enough to be loved and cared for. Maybe that’s the reason why when this street cat was badly hurt, the only thing he could think of was heading to an owner of the cats nearby, begging for help.

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The ginger tabby limped his way to the man’s door and meowed loudly to capture his attention. Thankfully, he found just the right human. After spotting the cat’s injured leg, the kind-hearted man immediately rushed him to a vet clinic for timely medical care without hesitation.

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To the man’s relief, there was no bone damage found in the cat’s body except for a bone fracture in his left front leg which happened several weeks ago and already started healing.

Apparently this poor boy got into a fight for some reason and was bitten by another cat, then his wound rapidly got infected due to the lack of medical treatment. He also had some other old wounds that caused trouble walking and was covered in fleas and ticks.

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The man left the cat there and came back to pick him up after two days to take care of that luckless boy himself.

“We continued the antibiotic treatment, we gave him intramuscular injections two times a day for 5 days,” he said. “At first he couldn’t put any weight on his left rear leg. I cleansed the wound with antiseptics 3 times a day. He cleansed the wound with his tongue 30 times a day.”

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Luckily, his effort was paid off. After five days of living under plenty of love and care, the orange kitty began to run around joyfully like a normal cat! He got to stay with other cats in the compassionate man’s beautiful garden and even made some new friends. He hadn’t totally recovered yet, but he felt much better.

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Watch the whole rescue here:

And after one month and a half, the playful boy was already strong enough to chase girls! Look how happy he was:

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