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Tiger Cub Attempted To Befriend Cat But The Buddy Said No

Can you believe that fierce and bold creatures like tigers could be loving and sweet towards others sometimes? Yes, they actually can. If you think that wild animals can’t live peacefully with humans and other kinds, this incredible man and his tigers may leave you in awe.

Michael Jamison is currently raising over one hundred animals including dogs, cats, ducks… and a monkey, but this YouTuber is mostly known for his three tamed tigers including two Bengal tigers named Enzo and Diego and a Siberian tiger named Ozzy (who passed away a few years ago). Although these critters belong to different species, they still live surprisingly well together under the same roof in South Africa.

However, living together doesn’t mean they always get along pretty smoothly and love each other sincerely. No, this is not a fairy tale, but real life is still really interesting it’s worth your attention. Here is a hilarious moment of Jamison’s tiger Diego when he was just a little cub and wanted to make new friends, but you know, sometimes the outcome isn’t what you desire it to be.

Screenshot, michael jamison

Diego desperately wanted to befriend Reiligh the ginger tabby. In the video, he watched the cat from afar, carefully approached him, hugged him and spent all his love on him. Such a cute little boy!

Screenshot, michael jamison

However, the way Diego expressed his love was a little bit too much and the cat simply couldn’t stand it. He quickly stood up to get rid of the annoying thing and to be honest, the poor cub looked pretty upset and downhearted.

Screenshot, michael jamison

After being rejected coldheartedly, the pitiful boy turned back to his hooman and asked for some milk. And seriously, that adorable face and those puppy eyes could melt anyone’s heart!

Screenshot, michael jamison

Let’s take a peek at the humorous scene:

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