Dog Kept Chasing After Cars In Hopes Of Finding Owner, Not Knowing He Was Abandoned

To dogs, their owners are everything they have for their whole lifetime. They love each other and build a strong bond in their relationship. Yet one day, some owners, for whatever reason, leave their dogs in the middle of nowhere. And the dogs, who are one of the most loyal creatures on earth, innocently wait for their owners to come back without knowing that they are just abandoned forever.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

Kritter Klub is a group of Korean animal lovers who have been filming critter stories since 2001. One day, they were informed about a homeless dog who kept running after cars in a village. No one knew why he had that strange action. A villager said that every time he came back home from work, he saw this dog follow him then sit next to his car. The villager himself did not know the dog and where he came from, so he was so confused.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

The dog had been staying there for more than twenty days, not leaving his spot on the road as though he was looking for something, and he would miss it if he went somewhere else. Whenever a white car passed by, he immediately chased after it for a quite far distance. After that, he turned back to his place as usual and sadly continued to wait. What was the lonely dog waiting for?

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

It was not until the team met a resident who watched the dog over the month that they learned about his story. A white car came here a month ago, then left the dog all alone in an unfamiliar street. From then on, he began to chase after any white car in hopes of finding his owner. The old man tried to help him and even took him home several times, but the dog refused and ran away. He still longed for his owner and wholeheartedly waited for him no matter what day or night, and the weather got colder and colder. However, the person never showed up.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

It was heartbreaking seeing the dog struggled to survive under the harsh weather, so the Kritter Klub’s members took the poor puppy to the vet for a check-up. Fortunately, he was in good health, but he was so sad since he could not accept the fact that he was betrayed by his owner.

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Thankfully, the person who informed the team decided to welcome the poor dog as his family. The dog still looked full of sadness, but he slowly started to adapt to his new life. He got a warm house that the man prepared for him, and a name Ba-duk. He continued to wait on the road, but now, he had the kind-hearted man stand by his side.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

Spring always comes after long winter. Hopefully, Ba-duk will settle in his new home soon, and live a long happy life.

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