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Rescuer Saves Poor Cat Stuck On A Fish Net For Almost 3 Days

A poor cat was stuck on a fish net for 3 days, but sadly no one came to help her. People were scared that she might bite them, so they refused to remove her from the net. She was ignored and left to fight for her life. Thankfully, a good man rushed into danger to rescue her. He knew that he could be injured, but he still tried his best to save the little baby.

Screenshot: RGL TV

When the cat saw the man, she cried like a baby and begged him for help. The poor creature couldn’t breathe properly, so the man tried to find the way to help her. She was scared and worried, so it was difficult for the man to catch her. Because she kept moving, he couldn’t use a knife to cut off the net. He was scared that it might hurt her.

Screenshot: RGL TV

Although the cat went crazy and didn’t let him touch her, the man refused to give up. He decided to remove the net from her little by little. After a while, she was weaker, so the man had a chance to handle her. Finally, he successfully freed the cat. After being freed, the cat ran away. Although she didn’t show her gratefulness to the man, he was still happy to help her. Looking at how she ran from the net, we are sure that she is still healthy and uninjured.

Screenshot: RGL TV

Watch the full rescue here:

We think that the cat is a house cat who has a loving family and is cared by good people. She was in trouble, but she was lucky enough to be saved by a great man. We think that she may come back to her home after being rescued. Thank you for saving the cat! You are wonderful!

Screenshot: RGL TV

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