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Heavily Pregnant Cat Sought Help From Pregnant Woman She Met On The Streets

Cats can sense your energy and they can also tell if you are willing to treat them pleasingly or not. So, if a random cat greets you on the streets for no reason at all, it means you are definitely a nice person at heart.

Recto the bicolor cat was heavily pregnant when she stumbled upon this woman and decided to give birth in her café. It is worth mentioning that the woman was also a mother-to-be just like Rector, so there’s a good chance that the cat simply thought this hooman would help her for sure given that they were in the same boat.

Screenshot, SBS TV

It was a wise choice after all because the kind lady did take Recto in without a second thought. She fed the kitty once, and then Recto kept coming back to her every day. That stray cat gradually became an irreplaceable part of the café, she even made friends with the guests.

Screenshot, SBS TV

As Rector’s due date was getting closer and closer, the thoughtful woman decided to prepare a special delivery room just for the cat so she could welcome her babies without any worries. Of course, Rector couldn’t be happier with the gift. Like many other cats, she loved to be able to stay in a safe and comfy place during her tough time.

Screenshot, SBS TV

The day Rector’s water broke, she immediately ran towards her delivery room swiftly and did all the work by herself. This smart feline seemed to be really experienced, maybe it wasn’t her first time being a mom at all. After nine hours, she successfully gave birth to a litter of four beautiful kittens.

Screenshot, SBS TV

Rector’s fosterer quickly prepared a nutritious meal for the brave mommy and set up a heater for the whole family. She promised to take care of the kittens until they are strong and independent enough and then find them a loving forever home.

Let’s take a peek at Rector’s cheerful moment:

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