Homeless Dog Had A Big Dream And It Eventually Came True

It always fills our hearts seeing stray animals going from streets to loving homes that they deserve. This story is about a homeless dog who stayed nearby a railroad company, and it will warm your heart at the end.

Right after receiving the urgent text, Eldad from Hope For Paws headed out to rescue the dog.

Screenshot, Hope For Paws

Thankfully, the workers here fed him so well so the little dog was in a quite good state and comfortable around them. However, it turned out to be hard for Eldad to get closer to him. The dog only trusted the workers and their food, he had no interest in the treats that Eldad offered him. Eldad hoped one of the employees would help him pick the dog up, but he kept running around.

Screenshot, Hope For Paws

Eventually, with his experience in rescuing animals and the help of the workers, Eldad got the dog after weeks. The pup was so nervous and seemed not to believe in the rescuer yet. Eldad named him Scooter and tried to soothe him, promising him that he was in safe hands. Then he gently took the little guy to the car heading over to the shelter. From then on, Scooter was no longer in the open air.

Screenshot, Hope For Paws

Scooter was still shy. He did not react to Eldad’s touch but just sat silently and looked a bit sad. At that moment, the rescuer knew the poor dog needed much more care and affection. After a good bath at the shelter, Scooter gradually fell asleep. His face appeared to be relaxed as if he was having a sweet dream about a forever home in the near future.

Screenshot, Hope For Paws

And a few weeks later, his dream really came true. A kind-hearted family decided to welcome him to their home. Scooter got a new name Rudy, and a new sister Dottie to play with daily. They loved going on adventures and happily enjoyed every moment of their life.

You can watch the video below:

Rudy was thriving in the new environment. Now he knew what love and a secure home feel like. Such a wonderful ending for the sweet puppy.

Screenshot, Hope For Paws

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