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Kitten Cries While Enjoying Her First Meal After Being Rescued

Yasik is a calico kitten who was rescued from the dangerous streets by butlers at YORI MEOW. They took her home and cared for her. Because of hunger, she meowed for food. They didn’t have any milk powder, so they gave her a liquid treat. She ate quickly as if it would be her last meal. After being fed, Yasik’s voice became cute. She seemed to show that she felt comfortable and safe here.

Screenshot: YORI MEOW

She was small, so everyone thought that she was a one-month-old baby. However, the hospital explained that she was a two-month-old baby. For this reason, she is old enough to eat hard food and eat by herself. When Yasik ate cat food for the first time since she was born, she cried. She loved that delicious food and couldn’t stop eating.

Screenshot: YORI MEOW

Kuku is an adult cat who lives here for a long time. When she met Yasik for the first time, she pretended to be strong. But in fact, she is a cute and friendly cat. She still needs time to get acquainted with the new member and share her home with this little kitten. We hope that they will be best friends soon.

Screenshot: YORI MEOW

Watch the full video here:

We are so glad that little baby kitty finally got fed! The most important thing is that Yasik has a new owner, and she is staying in a warm house! Thank you for saving her and helping her find a new home that she deserves. It’s so sweet to know that she gets into the hands of people who care and love her so much.

Screenshot: YORI MEOW

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