Goalkeeper Cat Makes Epic Saves That Wow His Owner

It’s no secret that cats are all naturally nimble and agile, but some of them are simply more athletic than others due to their conditions and personalities. Indy the ginger tabby is one of those talented cats. Born to be a goalie, this fervent boy is capable of making jaw-dropping saves that could put many professionals to shame.

Screenshot, walter santi

The orange kitty is currently living with a dog and fifteen other cats in his home (two indoor cats like him and thirteen outdoor cats living in the garden). But when it comes to sports, Indy is the brightest star of them all.

Screenshot, walter santi

His passion for soccer blossomed quite early when he was really young. Indy began his career two years ago when he was just a smol kitten and like any other newbie, he had a pretty rocky start. The baby boy was really clumsy at first but his love for this interesting activity is undeniable, he was thrilled every time he jumped after the ball!

Just take a look at this little cutie:

However, it didn’t take long for this energetic boi to transform into a superstar (in the house)! At age one, he already owned marvelous skills that only come to human goalkeepers after years of training. He was ready for a bigger goal and could be impressively smooth in front of it.

Screenshot, walter santi

Even though Indy was disrupted a little bit and tried basketball for a short while, now the golden boy is back on track as an ardent soccer player!

Screenshot, walter santi

Needless to say, the two-year-old tabby often nails it as usual, but his performances aren’t always on top because he also needs to pay attention to a white cat name Santi – the very first cat that his owner adopted, aka the big boss of the gang. Since Indy doesn’t want to mess with Santi, he misses the ball sometimes.

Screenshot, walter santi

Check out this handsome boy’s excellent saves in slow motion:

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