Stray Cat Followed Woman Everywhere, Begging For Adoption

Cats are social animals who need love, fondness and companionship just like humans always do. Even though most of them look a little cold and aloof, deep down inside they are all affectionate creatures who can warm up everybody’s heart.

Happy the bicolor cat in this story was a lonely stray who didn’t want to spend the rest of his life on the streets. So when he spotted a nice-looking passerby, he literally began stalking her, trying hard to get adopted using his charming appearance.

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The cat often followed the woman everywhere and kept getting straight into her house even after being chased off several times, he actually thought he lived there already. Needless to say, his persistent efforts melted her heart.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

The kind lady did take him in, but Happy’s life wasn’t truly peaceful there as he had some serious problems with her Maltese dog Maru. Maybe he just had issues with dogs in general due to some trouble in his past and just couldn’t help attacking them whenever he saw one. So, for the poor Maru’s sake, they had no choice but to let Happy out, again.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

However, the stubborn kitty didn’t want to give up just like that. He kept on walked after the woman whenever she headed out and such a dilemma upset her way more than she thought it would. She didn’t have the heart to let the passionate cat fend for himself on the streets, but she couldn’t keep him in her home either.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

Based on Happy’s habits and behaviors, it’s not hard to tell he was obviously a home cat before. So, since they couldn’t adopt Happy, they started to look around in search of someone else who could, maybe his real owner or at least someone who happened to know that cat. However, luck didn’t smile upon them.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

But then one week later, they finally received a call from a kind woman who claimed that she took care of the cat a while ago. Happy was skinny and covered in scars back then. He just couldn’t get along with their sick senior dog either, but since the dog already passed away, they would be glad to give that pitiful kitty a forever home that he totally deserved.

Watch the whole touching story here:

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