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Newborn Kittens Abandoned In Bushes Get Second Chance At Life

When a man heard kittens crying near her house, he tried to find where they were. After days of searching, he finally found them in the bushes. He looked for the mother but couldn’t find her. He prepared a cardboard box to place the kittens inside and took them home. The kittens were stuck between branches, so he had to break branches to take them out.

Screenshot: MiMoLu Cat&Dog

After getting them out safely, he put them into the box. There were 5 kittens abandoned in the bushes. The man didn’t know how old they were, but they looked healthy and cleaned. He thought that they lost their mom and cried to call their mom. Sadly, she never came back to them.

Screenshot: MiMoLu Cat&Dog

After taking them home, he fed them with milk to fill their empty bellies up. Due to hunger, they ate as if it was their last meal. However, they were so weak to eat by themselves, so the man fed them by his hands. The kittens were so happy after realizing that they were safe.

Screenshot: MiMoLu Cat&Dog

Because the man has had 3 cats, 1 dog, 5 newborn kittens, he couldn’t care for these kittens. For this reason, he decided to help them find their suitable adopters. A few days after the rescue, the man found great people who agreed to adopt them and give them a new life.

Screenshot: MiMoLu Cat&Dog

Watch the full rescue here:

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