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Starving Cat Mama Carries A Bag Of Food To Her Kitten Daily

It’s a tough life for stray cats out there and not many kittens could survive on the streets. This cat’s babies are only a few of countless street cats that pass away due to various reasons that we just couldn’t imagine. After losing her 4 kittens, the poor mama vows to do her best to protect her last child.

As villagers feeding stray cats in the neighborhood, they can’t help but noticing a ginger tabby who never touches the food unless it’s wrapped in a plastic bag. Her name is Dongsuk. Every day, Dongsuk patiently waits for the villagers to prepare a bag of food for her, and then swiftly carries the bag away.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

That kitty is known as the “food bag delivery cat” among the locals. No one knows where she goes or what happens afterward.

So, with the help of an animal channel, they are able to track the cat at last and what they see truly leaves them in awe. Dongsuk has been feeding a kitten all this time – her kitten, her very last kitten.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

Everybody knows that the cat gave birth to 5 kittens not long ago, but then they all disappeared together and when Dongsuk came back 2 months later, she was all alone. It seems like the pitiful mom has lost her 4 babies so she has to try her best to take care of her last one. She keeps hiding the kitten in a safe place and goes out to search for food on her own.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

After knowing her story, the kind villagers decide to give Dongsuk and her kitten a better life without potential risks on the streets, a life that they totally deserve.

The rescue is a little hard at first as the smart mama seems to know their hideout has been discovered and moves away, but then she comes back after 2 days and they finally spot her kitten again.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

The rescuers quickly rush the mother and her baby to a vet clinic, where they learn some interesting news: Dongsuk still has milk to breastfeed her kitten, which is a symptom of the false pregnancy (pseudocyesis) caused by too strong maternal instincts.

Needless to say, the loving mama and her kitten are adopted by the villagers. From now on, they will always have a roof over their heads.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

Watch the whole rescue here:

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