Meet Nipa, A Gifted Therapy Cat Who Has Mastered Over 50 Pawsome Tricks

Not many people think of cats when asked about easy-going, trainable animals around them, but actually these furry little critters have a lot more potentials than they’re given credit for. If you need more reasons to believe in our fur babies’ incredible talents, here is an amazing cat who has left tons of people in awe.


Nipa is a 2-year-old Toyger cat who has master over 50 impressive tricks so far! Thanks to the help of his human mommy Tiina, the little boy is doing a fantastic job as the most famous therapy cat at elderly care in Finland. It’s not surprising that everybody loves him, he has been emotionally supported many elderly people there.

“Nipa is like an “ice breaker”, the seniors immediately light up when they see him and start talking to him and me,” Tiina said. “Even seniors that don’t want to join in other activities or talk to me individually welcome me when I have Nipa with me at work. Nipa brings a lot of joy to seniors and to see them happy makes me happy.”


When Tiina started bringing Nipa to the care to work with the elderly, she also began to think about training him so he would be able to behave a little bit more properly there. So she visited Cat School’s Instagram, signed up, learned some basics in clicker training and tried them with Nipa.

Needless to say, the smart boy ended up performing way more wonderfully than she expected. After graduating from Cat School last December, Nipa hasn’t stopped learning new things with his beloved mommy.


“It is an activity for the cat, it helps the cat to overcome boredom. I think the training makes Nipa happy. Also, the training strengthens the cat-human bond and with clicker training, you can teach your cat practical behaviors,” she said.


Tiina also revealed that Nipa loved skateboarding, it’s one of his favorite activities ever.

“He tells me in the middle of a training session that he wants to skate by walking over to the skateboard,” she continued.


Okay, enough with all the introduction. We know what you are waiting for, and here are some lovely videos of this clever boy in action that will put a smile on your face:


Rolling a barrel

Handstall jump

Cop cop up the stairs

If you find Nipa endearing as we do, follow him on Instagram for more delightful clips. And last but not least, don’t forget to share his inspiring story with your loved ones!

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