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Senior Cat Was So Grumpy Until He Met Tiny Foster Kittens

Mason is a 10-year-old male cat who lived on the streets and somewhat ferocious toward people. Shelly Roche, the founder of TinyKittens, thought he’d be miserable living inside a domestic home.

“He was one of our special ones because he had a massive growth on the bottom of his right paw. His tail had been broken multiple times. He had a bunch of infections. He needed extensive dental surgery. He was a senior cat who had no vet care basically his whole life,” Roche told The Dodo.

“He’s been feral his whole life, so he’s never had any positive interactions with humans,” Roche said. “He sees us as predators, essentially.”

However, everything changed when Roche brought some kittens home. When the grumpy cat met the foster kittens for the first time, he fell in love with them. For this reason, he decided to become their grandpa to care for them until they can find forever homes.

“He’s like Grandpa,” Roche said. “The kids come over and they play and they get away with all sorts of shenanigans. If they got really, really obnoxious, he would put his paw on them and just hold them for a minute.”

“He really just came alive when they were around,” she added. “He would play and snuggle with them. If they were all sleeping on one of the beds, he’d come over to them and climb on top of them, and push his way down to make room.”

Watch the full story here:

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