Dog Walks Almost 4 Miles Every Night To Get Food For Her Extended Family

Meet Lilica, a street dog who was left in front of a junkyard in one of the poorest suburbs of the city of São Paulo, Brazil. This is home to many homeless people and animals: dogs, cats and chickens, all united in poverty and doing the best they can to help each other.

Although Lilica is just a stray dog, she is one of perfect examples of love and compassion. Life of a homeless dog is never easy, but she always makes sure her babies and her friends never go hungry.

Each night, she walks 4 miles along dark and dangerous roads to go to the home of animal lover Lucia Helena De Souza, who gives her a bag of food. After that, she travels back to the junkyard to bring food for the other animals in her ‘family’ – a dog, a cat, a several chickens and a mule with their little hearts full of gratitude.

Animal lover Lucia first met Lilica 3 years ago when the dog was looking for food near her house. Lucia gave the dog food, and then the dog started back every night to get her ration. Soon, they formed a daily habit: Lucia cooked an extra portion for Lilica, and they would meet around 9 p.m to exchange some hugs, cuddles and a hot meal.

One night, she noticed that Lilica just stared at the bag of food instead of finishing it. Lucia closed the plastic bag, and after a few seconds, Lilica took the bag and left as usual. Lucia decided to follow the dog and discovered something that warmed her heart: Lilica shared food with her family even she was hungry.

The dog has adopted this habit for 3 years and even after she was adopted, she continues to return every night to bring food to the other animals. She just wants to make sure no one starved. What a wonderful story!

Let’s give a big round of applause for Lilica, for her kind heart and for all animal lovers, such as Professor Lucia Helena, who gave her food and cared for her.

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